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IT’S THE LAW-Designation Discrimination is Illegal [FIRREA, Sec. 564.6]:  Professional Association Membership: Membership in an appraisal organization:  A State Certified General Appraiser
may not be excluded from consideration for an assignment for a federally related transaction by virtue of membership or lack of membership in any particular appraisal organization
Appraisal Institute  (AKA mai commercial appraiser.)   FANNIE MAE 2010: "Lenders must not assume that an appraiser is qualified simply based on: membership in, and professional designation
an appraisal organization(i.e the Appraisal Institute. . .mai commercial appraiser)"

It has come to our attention that some of the links in our website have been compromised.  This is apparently an attempt by the Appraisal Institute and their members to hide the Truth from
the public.   Please report any broken or misdirected links to

What, in the world, are they Doing wRONG? Appraisal Institute suffers another loss! "AI commercial database bites the dust." Appraisal Institute (AI-commercial appraiser) will be closing down the AI Commercial
Database on November 1, 2005.

Appraisal Institute's (
mai) Top Dog (John Ross, CEO) Jumps Ship
Ross: "After nine years with the organization,
I feel that the timing is good for me to explore other opportunities."  

Ross: "
I’d like to see the organization (the appraisal institute) strengthen its ties with the academic community. The profession needs to focus now on developing more theoretically based tools and on
things like
behavioral finance and economics – which is ultimately what dictates the operation of markets. I’ve often stated that the mark of any profession is in the development of new theory, and in my estimation
there have been few, if any, advances in this regard in the appraisal profession for the last 25 years or more
. I’d like to see the Appraisal Institute more involved in some way in such thought creation."

Are predetermined Appraisal ADJUSTMENTS Legal/Ethical?  Please see attached Predetermined adjustments provided by Curtis - Rosenthal, Inc. (MAI Appraiser Los Angeles) LLC. an MAI
Firm.  You be the judge and get back with us or call them for this years update.  If your property was acquired by the Los Angeles World Airport (LAWA) you had better read this!

"Posted by Appraisal Police on July 10, 2006 at 00:33:42:
In Reply to: Predetermined Adjustments posted by Cochise on July 09, 2006 at 19:26:17:
Fannie Mae Single Family Selling Guide
Part XI: Property and Appraisal Guidelines
XI, Chapter 4: Reviewing the Appraisal Report (11/08/04)
XI, 406: Sales Comparison Approach to Value (01/31/06)
XI, 406.03: Adjustments to Comparable Sales (06/30/02)
Each comparable sale that is used in the sales comparison approach to value must be analyzed for differences and similarities between it and the property that is being appraised. The appraiser must base his or
her analysis and any adjustments to the comparable sales on the market data for the particular neighborhood and for competing locat1ons—not on predetermined or assumed dollar adjustments. If an appraiser's
adjustments to comparable sales (or the reconciliation of the comparable sales) are based on unsupported assumptions or personal opinion that cannot be supported by market data, poor quality appraisals that
could have a
discriminatory effect may result."

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Chapter 1 –Los Angeles County
2006 Annual Fall Seminar

Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Quiet Cannon, Montebello, CA

The Los Angeles World Airport's (LAWA) Director of Economic Development admits that the Manchester Square “Voluntary Purchase” Program is a part of LAWA’s Master Plan.   This statement was supported by one staff member who presented
maps indicating that this area has been set aside for parking.  

This Freudian slip of the tough could have major legal consequences since under the agencies “voluntary purchase program” homeowners were not paid Fair Market Value which is “the highest price” required by State Law in condemnation

For years Vivian Howell, an IRWA and LAWA mucky muck, has stated that we are not going to pay them “the highest price” because this is a voluntary program.  

This in addition to using unethical appraisal practices like using unqualified appraisal trainees, consultants colluding on values, standardized comparable adjustments, and in some cases- appraising of property based upon it's existing use, rather
than it's “highest and best use.”   It is estimated that these combined, secret practices, have cost property owners millions.

The Director also stated that he foresaw a number of inverse condemnation cases being filed against the agency, by current residents, because the LAWA project has left their neighborhood in a shambles.

If you are a homeowner, property, or seller of property to LAWA in this area we strongly suggest that you contact a qualified Real Estate Condemnation Attorney, or Relocation Expert, and demand a full hearing into these issues.  

Commercial Appraiser

Posted by Cochise
Commercial Appraiser
It appears that discrimination is something that the Appraisal Institute knows a lot about.  In fact they use to be called T
he American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers until they were sued, for discrimination, by
the Federal Government.  They then changed their name to the Appraisal Institute, same pig, different shade of lipstick.
 (The MAI Appraiser Standard,  Larry A Mc Coy, MAI)  Application Local governments are
not immune from proscriptions of Title VIII, and may be sued. United States v Black Jack ... provides for actions against states and political subdivisions as well as actions against private transactions and
practices; comprehensive purpose of Fair Housing Act)... would be diluted if it were to apply only to actions of private individuals and entities. ... applies to appraisers of real estate. United States v American
Institute of Real Estate Appraisers etc. (1977, ND Ill) 442 F Supp 1072, 24 FR Serv 2d 880, app dismd (CA7 Ill) 590 F2d 242, 48 ALR Fed 657. 42 USCS ? 3604(a, b, d)’

How many errors can you find in this appraisal prepared by Jeffrey T. Nagasaki, MAI of Lea Associates.  They also perform similar low quality work for the Los Angeles Unified School District and the County of Los
Angeles. (Condemnation Appraiser, Inverse Condemnation Appraiser)

Quote from David Rosenthal, MAI
Here are some tips from seasoned practitioner, David Rosenthal, MAI (Managing Director of Curtis-Rosenthal, LLC) that can help make your next appraisal experience easy and productive.

Supply all of your market data, up front. Nothing says that your appraiser has to independently find all of the relevant market information. Data is data, so make the job easier and share any market data
that you have already
developed. The appraiser will decide which data to use and how to best use it. Give your appraiser a running start with the benefit of your advance research."

The  Great Texas Bank Job
"The FIRREA Cover Up - FDIC / RTC   The South West Scam
The  Whitewaters  &  Castle Grandes  of   Texas  and   ALL  Across  America
The S&L Gold Rush - The Lack Of Public Accounting

If the bank’s board of directors were the ones doing the looting, however, they readily hired a pliant appraiser to cook up whatever appraisal value they wanted.  Behind every fraudulent loan was a fraudulent
appraisal.  It is nearly impossible for appraisers to render independent appraisals if the people hiring them do not want one.  When I was in public accounting, auditors joked that MAI stood for “Made As
Instructed.”  The commercial appraisals were largely worthless because they were not independently rendered.  It is so obvious that it should be beneath mention, but that situation still exists.  

Even if the bank could not find a bona fide buyer, it was supposed to write down the property to fair market value on the books, taking the loss on its financial statements.  The S&L industry, however, was in dire
straits.  Reporting a commercial loss on the deal would not look good, and might get bank regulators, auditors and others asking questions.  Here is what the bank did to hide its loss.  Another developer showed
up, with similar delusions of grandeur and an equally pitiful pipedream, except his was twice as large.  He wanted a $6 million construction loan.  The bank hired an appraiser to concoct the appraisal for the
original empty strip mall that valued it at $5 million, even higher than the original pie-in-the-sky price tag that the original developer dreamed up.  
The MAI commercial appraiser would appraise it for
whatever number the bank wanted.
 The bank would tell the second developer that it would loan him the $6 million if he would buy the empty strip mall for $5 million.  The bank would loan the developer the
money to make the down payment on the empty strip mall, and the first two years of loan payments.  The developer never got his hands on that money, but the bank held it in escrow, taking the money out of the
commercial account to make the down payment and loan payments.

When the bank made the $6 million commercial construction loan to the second developer, and played internal accounting games to concoct the “sale” of the first strip mall, instead of recording the $1 million loss,
it recorded a $2 million gain, had a new performing loan on the first strip mall, and the loan was guaranteed to have loan payments made on it for two years.  Here is a chart to show how the commercial bank hid
the loss.

Original loan

Second MAI  and sale price to second developer  $5,000,000

Gain on phony sale to second developer

So, with some fancy games and pliant appraisers, the commercial bank recorded a $2 million gain on its deal making.  The reality, however, was that $9 million had gone out the door, the bank was paying 15%
interest to depositors, and no money was coming in, not even interest payments. "

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK (MAI-Made as Instructed Appraisers? Commercial Appraisers?)
1. The Defendants Improperly Used Bargain Sale Transactions to Conceal the True Financial Condition of Defendant Church Extension  30. From at least 1996 to at least April 2002, the Defendants and others
engaged in a scheme to conceal Defendant Church Extension's mounting financial difficulties in order to, among other things, entice investors to invest and/or reinvest. Specifically, the Defendants and others
improperly used bargain sale transactions to generate false paper income by recognizing the difference between the price paid by Defendant Church Extension and/or United Management and falsely inflated
appraisal values as non-cash contributions. Some of appraisers used in connection with the bargain sale transactions were
Members of the Appraisal Institute, i.e., MAI appraisals. The appraisals used by the
Defendants and others were false for several reasons, including, but not limited to: a) the use of overstated net-operating income figures, which formed the basis of some appraisals; b) the failure to account for
the limited real-estate market of some of the properties, due to federal regulations and private covenants; and c) the failure to account for potential environmental hazards on some of the real-estate properties.
Significantly, because inflated appraisal values were used, the price paid by Defendants Church Extension and/or United Management was a much closer reflection of the actual value of the properties than the
inflated appraisal values. Thus, as a result of using falsely inflated appraisal values, the Defendants and others artificially increased the amount of non-cash contributions that Defendants Church Extension and/or
United Management recognized as income.

2. Plaintiff notified Defendant on May 25, 2004 that it was exercising its option to purchase the
property. Being in agreement that Plaintiff had the right to purchase the property, the parties agreed
to determine the purchase price by each engaging an appraiser who was a member of the
Institute (MAI), with the purchase price to be the average of the two appraisals. Plaintiff engaged
an appraiser from Atlanta, Georgia, while Defendant retained an appraiser from Nashville,
Tennessee. The two appraisals were significantly different. The appraised value determined by
Plaintiff’s appraiser was $1,470,000. The value as determined by Defendant’s appraiser was

3. Therefore, on the basis of our review of the record, we conclude that the court properly determined that the plaintiff had met its burden of showing that the city's assessor (jOHN lEARY,
mai) had overvalued the
subject property and that such a finding was legally and logically correct and supported by the evidence before the court.

4. The town’s appraiser, Christopher K. Kerin (Kerin)
MAI, determined that the fair market value
of the subject property on the October 1, 1995 grand list was as follows:
Land $4,825,000
Site improvements 1,000,000
Main building 9,175,000

Our determination (trier of fact) of value of the subject property, as of October 1, 1995 is as
Land $4,825,000
Site improvements 1,000,000
Building 5,239,819
Total $11,064,819

5. "As a residential review appraiser with 14 years experience, I see appraiser fraud weekly," says a northeastern appraiser who says he is working with the FBI.  At the same time I was turning in these 17 fraud
reports, I was warned by a prominent Appraisal Institute member not to submit those of a certain ethnic race appraiser because he was well politically entrenched and it could backfire on me," notes the source.
"Also, at the same time, I confided in a local Member of the
Appraisal Institute (MAI) about the appraisal fraud both in my local area and inside his local AI residential membership. This MAI later told me
to be careful because I could die by the same sword I was wielding (a professional death, not physical death)."

6.  False Appraisals
I'm looking at an
MAI (commercial appraiser) appraisal right now from one of the most respected appraisers in our area that I know has been influenced in several ways (the appraisal has been influenced, not
him). The representations from the owner of the property concerning zoning, development, potential purchase offers and comparable sales have boosted the value.

7.  Inclosed is a bound hardcopy of the complaint I previously filed with the
North Carolina Appraisal Board against
John K. Weaver, MAI, (a.k.a. "Jack"
Weaver, commercial appraiser) who is the Deputy Director and Chief Investigator of the North
Carolina Appraisal Board (NCAB). (This complaint text is also available
online at .) Copies of Mr.
Weaver's complete research files are also inclosed in "bound report format,"
as are copies of four appraisal reports on the subject property in question
at the NCAB hearing in question.
The NCAB sat on the complaint for many months and then participated in a scam
to "sweep the complaint under the rug." Following in this letter is text
extracted from a post I made 11/16/2001 to an online discussion group for
real estate appraisers across the country ( which
explains and documents the response of the NCAB. (The full post can be found
at .) Also included is a
printout of a website page from (via the "FAQ" hyperlink
from the homepage) which provides a very brief overview of the whole
situation. As the NCAB shirked its responsibilities in the matter, I am now
asking the Appraisal Institute to investigate the behavior of this Institute

(Commercial Real Estate Appraiser, Los Angeles,  Commercial Appraisal Services, and Commercial Appraiser)

8. The behavior of this
Member of the Appraisal Institute (MAI) is unacceptable if not outrageous. I've heard no one suggest otherwise. I dislike putting it this bluntly, but here it is in a nutshell: For the sake of
preserving or regaining integrity in North Carolina appraising, it has become necessary to put the Appraisal Institute to the test. The questions are these:
Is the Appraisal Institute part of the problem in North Carolina?
Is the AI an enabler?

9.   If memory serves me correctly, it was members of the
Appraisal Institute (the self proclaimed leader of appraisal association, designated with the "prestigious" MAI that were co-conspirators of the S&L crisis.
Industry organizations are concerned with one thing: their own survival. With appraisal organizations competing for members, they are more focused on their own self preservation than on the betterment of the
industry as a whole.

Originally posted by RStrahan@Jan 28 2005, 03:28 PM
The various trade associations are impotent. The members of the Appraisal Foundation only count as one vote, so they are regularly outnumbered by the members of the very industry that promotes appraisal
I believe that a merging of organizations is a necessity. However, I explicitely exclud the AI. The AI has regularly supported AVMs and stood against the interests of the general practice appraiser, so it is not longer
a viable force for change in the industry. In fact, they have often sided with the lending industry against the rest of the appraisal organizations.

Again, Roger hits it on the nose. An organzation that is purported to be in existance for the appraiser. Today, likely 99% of all residential appraisals are communicated to the lender and/or clients via email or the
internet. We most commonly transmit these in .pdf format since Adobe Acrobat Reader is readily available to all at no cost. Several lenders want appraisals delivered in what is called AI (Appraisal Institute) ready
format. This data format completely rearranges the data structure of the report. The data is thought to be disseminated into their AVM database. No one but the insiders can prove this, however this format also
does something else which is very disturbing. The appraiser's digital signature is removed from the report itself and transmitted as a separate .jpg file. This comprimises the security of the report allowing the
possibility of data to be changed. It is a violation of USPAP for an appraiser to knowingly comprimise the security of their digital signatures/reports.

Who would have thought? To comply with the Appraisal Institute brand of appraisal delivery, one has to violate USPAP.

10.  Is this accepting an appraisal with a predetermined value?
Hello Curtis,
A member of Appraisal Data Connection is searching for market data.
Diane Gilbert, MAI, (Appraisal Institute, commercial real estate appraiser) is appraising a proposed 60,000 square foot upscale
residential mansion near Orlando, Florida (yes, that's 60,000 square
The property is located along the popular Butler Chain of Lakes and will
have numerous atypical amenities including an indoor and outdoor pool, a
bowling alley, indoor skating rink, a huge ballroom and colonnade, media
rooms, 2-story library, 10 bedroom suites, and staff quarters.
Diane is looking for sales of similar huge top quality residential
properties anywhere in the U.S.

Sales in excess of $15 million are preferred, (MAI COMMERCIAL APPRAISAL) and sales along waterfront
or some type of resort location would be a plus.

Her best contact method is by email.  If you can help or know someone who
can, please email Diane directly at:

11. DATE: 08/01/2006 11:56:00 AM
The malleability of (real estate) appraisals has been a fact of life since for as long as I can remember, and that is probably longer than most readers have been alive. Down around the bankruptcy court, they used
to say that "MAI" stands for "Made as Instructed."
Posted by: Buce | August 1, 2006 09:01 PM

12. April 12, 2006
Working With (Business Valuation) Expert Witnesses
In real estate, the Appraisal Institute awards a designation, MAI, Member, Appraisal Institute. For a variety of reasons, MAI came to have the derogatory meaning, "made as instructed." Being an "mai" appraiser,
whether in real estate, business appraisal, or any other field of expertise is a prescription for a short-term career.

13.  David, from the St. Louis Chapter of the Appraisal Institute, just told me last week that at a recent seminar, an instructor from Guess Who told the group attending the seminar in Typical Delphi Scam and
Cognitive Dissonance fashion, that appraisers would go out of business if they refused to perform AVMs for the banking cartel and the GSEs. Sending the Appraisal Institute $950 Bucks in MAI, SRPA, SRA
professional dues for 2005 is going to be a really tough decision. If I can find a real job that pays, they won't get my money anymore. Besides being a State Certified General Realty Appraiser is just as good as
having Made As Instructed behind my name -- because that's what the public perceives me to be anyway now -- a member of the world's oldest profession.

14.  Gesoff v. IIC Industries Inc. et al., in the Delaware Chancery Court decided May 18,
The parent then offered its appraisals, but the Court saw them as flawed and smacking of
made-as-instructed justification after the fact. In particular, its appraiser did adjust downwards a
management projection without any justification, failed to take into account appreciated realty,
and used a small company premium without regard to the fact that subsidiaries were, in effect,
large businesses in their respective emerging markets

Commercial real estate Appraiser (Charles D. Bailey,
MAI) disciplined; taxpayers paid millions
By Paul Rogers
Mercury News
Susanna Frohman / Mercury News archives
In 2002, then-Gov. Gray Davis and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, above, announce a $100 million deal for the Cargill salt ponds. Complaint against appraiser Charles Bailey (
MAI) (PDF) The settlement agreement (PDF)

The appraiser (Charles D. Bailey,
MAI) whose report helped set the $100 million price taxpayers paid in the 2003 Cargill salt ponds deal has been disciplined on allegations that he made numerous errors and
violated federal standards when he set a value for the property.

The state attorney general's office brought a misconduct complaint against Charles Bailey (MAI) of Mill Valley this summer, alleging 24 significant errors in his appraisal of Cargill lands for the federal government
in December 2000.

Bailey, who denied any wrongdoing, agreed Sept. 27 to a censure of his license, known as a ``public reproval.'' He also will pay $4,000 to cover the costs of the state investigation. Although he will keep his license
and can continue working, any disciplinary action on an appraiser's record is very harmful to his career, said Deputy Attorney General Char Sachson.

News of the settlement heightened concerns that taxpayers may have overpaid by millions of dollars when government agencies bought 16,500 acres of Cargill salt evaporation ponds from Hayward to Alviso to
Redwood City in March 2003. It also brought calls Tuesday from political leaders for less secrecy in public land deals.

16.  IS THIS
Anyone know any sources of gross sales per store data for specific chains? I am appraising three proposed facilities that are being leased with a level base minimum rent but actual rent is the greater of that
minimum rent or 10% of gross sales. I believe if I use the minimum I could be undervaluing, but am not comfortable using the projections provided without at least seeing something to compare them to. They are
slightly above the minimum rent threshhold.
Paul S. Ness, MAI (commercial appraiser)

Mr. Ness, MAI was apparently so embarrassed by his own lack of knowledge that he has removed his request from the website.   The sometimes humorous responses are still
there however.

We also received this email from site owner (Wayne McKerley) who suggest that we inappropriately used his copyrighted material.

Paul Ness posted this on  You copied it without my permission or without Paul's permission to your web site.  You also imply that Paul is incompetent by adding the heading "IS THIS MAI
APPRAISER INCOMPETENCY?". Paul is aware of this also and brought it to my attention.

I ask that you remove this from your website and refrain from using our copyrighted material.

Wayne McKerley
(Professional Commercial Appraisal Forum?)

Appraisal Talk Message Board
Re: MIA Appraiser San Diego, CA
[ Follow Ups ] [ Post Followup ] [ Appraisal Talk ] [ FAQ ]
Posted by mitchell's mother on October 12, 2006 at 15:53:53:
In Reply to: MIA Appraiser San Diego, CA posted by mitchell on October 12, 2006 at 14:44:37:
I need a state licensed or certified appraiser. I am more interested in experience and education than any phony designations, that try to cover up their lack of experience and education.

18.  Times Herald-Record
October 17, 2006
Albany — A real estate
appraisal that the City of Middletown relied on to sell off a property two years ago was so riddled with faults that questions later arose over whether Robert Buckles " (Appraisal Institute,
Associate Member) prepared an appraisal with a predetermined value," a state investigator testified yesterday. In the same hearing, an expert appraiser testified that the appraisal of the 14-acre property on Ruth
Court used outdated property sales for comparisons.
Robert G. Buckles, Associate MAI
Countrywide Appraisal Services
P.O. Box 1118
Monticello, NY 12701
547 Broadway
(845) 794-2834x300
Fax: (914) 794-2846
Accepts (real estate appraisal) Fee Assignments (more info)

Institute-MAI) PRESIDENT, 2006
I am proud to be a member of this professional organization.  I
had been ignorant to the extreme member benefits until I began serving on the Board in 1999.   I want to inform you of the advantages
regarding Appraisal Institute membership.  A few of the programs and promotions by National which benefit members include.
4.  Lobbying Efforts
National has a full time staff of three attorneys in Washington, DC working on our behalf to keep up with federal legislation and other initiatives that impact our profession and to act as a liaison to the local
chapters in keeping up with state issues.  We also have our own local lobbyist who works with Utah appraisers.  
Lobbying is one of those behind the scenes activities that many of us may not give much
thought to however, the efforts of these people affect us individually and our profession in ways that many of us are unaware.

20. Mr. Levy describes in his succinct essay the stranglehold that the banking cartel has on the realty valuation industry. Th
e Appraisal Institute has an affiliate appraisal management company called REAS (Real
Estate Appraisal Services) which operates REAS is owned by Charter One Financial Corporation, the 25th largest bank holding company in the USA, home based in Ohio. Royal
Bank of Scotland is in merger and acquisition negotiations with Charter One to become the 7th largest bank holding company in the USA, after the Bank One and JPChase Manhattan merger as the second
largest banking conglomerate. This conflict of interest doesn't get any more blatant than these facts. ( AI Direct Connection®      AI Direct Connection
AI Direct Connection provides the real estate marketplace with an efficient and cost-effective means to acquire quality appraisal services. Appraisers can sign up, free of charge, to be included on the fee panel,
specifying their services or specialties.
AI Direct Connection then sells those services directly to the client. FIND OUT MORE HERE)

21. Excuse me—you're standing on my bonus … reflections on credit culture
RMA Journal, The,  May, 2005  by David H. Wesley
Banks have been widely lauded for their performance through the most recent downturn. Pressure for revenue growth has invariably led to deal creep--pricing concessions, then deal structure concessions
(covenant, guarantees, advance rates, etc.), and then the rationalization that otherwise marginal credits are acceptable. It takes both courage and conviction to remain disciplined and diligent to not trade off your
credit risk principles. Looking back at performance during the last downturn, some things were done particularly well, while others could have been done better.
Following are a few of the excuses that we all have heard (or have used) in the credit approval process, along with their subliminal translations.
We have an MAI appraisal that supports the request.
Translation: The appraisal is a
made-as-instructed real estate valuation.

22. Posted by
Appraiser Central on October 18, 2006 at 20:00:21:
In Reply to: ai posted by Cochise on October 18, 2006 at 18:29:29:
The Appraisal Institute has had "conflict of issue", issues for many years now. Especially with Charter One Bank and also Washington Mutual (WAMU). The Appraisal Institute doesn't seem to care. This being "in
bed" with Charter One and Washington Mutual was a big part of
our boycott of the Appraisal Institute a few years ago when the AI decided to create their own AVM (AIRD) with Charter One Bank and WAMU
as their biggest backers.
Also, the AI can't even advertise without lying. They have been running radio ads here in Massachusetts, where they tout the lie that "Appraisal Institute Members are better qualified and have more education"
than non-Appraisal Institute members. I can't wait till the first homeowner here gets an AI member with only 2 years experience; and the job is way over their head.
The sooner we as an industry get rid of Appraisal Management companies, and designation "tea clubs", the better off we will be.

Posted by Appraisal Police on July 06, 2006 at 22:12:55:
Appraisal Fraud Serious (Commercial Appraiser, sic); Calls for Industry to Team up with Law Enforcement
July 2006
In a June 14 speech, a Federal Bureau of Investigation specialist said that appraisal fraud has become the most serious form of mortgage fraud. In a presentation to an American Bankers Association conference
in Orlando, Ronda Helig, supervisory special agent for the FBI, said that appraisal fraud accounts for 80 percent of all the mortgage fraud that is reported and that the average loss per occurrence of appraisal
fraud exceeds $60,000. Based on these figures, Helig called for a cooperative response between industry and law enforcement.

Successfully using
forensic appraisals (appraiser) in the tax courts requires that the property owner understand the special issues involved with these types of appraisals, as they differ significantly from typical
real estate appraisals.  The differences cover the gamut of legal issues from communication between the client and the appraiser through the legal admissibility of appraisal methodology.

Kacha v. Allstate Ins. Co. (06/26/06 - No.
A judgment confirming an insurance commercial appraisal award involving property damaged by a wildfire is reversed pursuant to an insured's claims that: 1) the award exceeded the appraisers' jurisdiction, and
the trial court erred by finding he waived the jurisdictional rule; and 2) the court erred by finding he was precluded from challenging the appraisal award because he took possession of, but did not negotiate,
checks the insurer provided him to cover the award.

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Los Angeles, Residential and Commercial Appraisal Coverage Areas: 90001, 90002, 90003, 90004, 90005, 90006, 90007, 90008, 90009, 90010, 90011, 90012, 90013, 90014, 90015, 90016, 90017, 90018, 90019, 90020, 90021, 90022, 90023,
90024, 90025, 90026, 90027, 90028, 90029, 90030, 90031, 90032, 90033, 90034, 90035, 90036, 90037, 90038, 90039, 90040, 90041, 90042, 90043, 90044, 90045, 90046, 90047, 90048, 90049, 90050, 90051, 90052, 90053, 90054, 90055,
90056, 90057, 90058, 90059, 90060, 90061, 90062, 90063, 90064, 90065, 90066, 90067, 90068, 90069, 90070, 90071, 90072, 90073, 90074, 90075, 90076, 90077, 90078, 90079, 90080, 90081, 90082, 90083, 90084, 90086, 90087, 90088,
90089, 90091, 90093, 90094, 90095, 90096, 90097, 90099, 90101, 90102, 90103, 90174, 90185, 90189, 91331, 91335

Los Angeles County, Residential Appraiser, Real Estate Appraiser, and Commercial Appraisal / Appraiser, commercial appraisal la Coverage Areas: 93510,
, Probate Appraiser, Date of Death Appraiser, commercial appraisal
southern california,
Agoura 91301
Agua Dulce, Saugus 91350
Airport Worldway  90009
Alhambra 91801, 91803
Altadena 91001
Arcadia 91006  ,91007
ARCO Towers 90071
Arleta 91331
Artesia 90680
Athens 90044
Atwater Village 90039
Avalon 90704
Azusa 91702
Baldwin Hills 90008
Baldwin Park 91706
Bassett 91746
Bel Air Estates 90049. 90077
Bell 90201
Bell Gardens 90201
Bellflower 90706
Beverly Glen  90077, 90210
Beverly Hills 90210 - 90212
Biola Univ. (La Mirada) 90639
Boyle Heights 90033
Bradbury 91010
Brentwood  90049
Burbank 91501 - 91502 / 91506 / 91523
Burbank (Glenoaks) 91504
Burbank (Woodbury Univ.) 91510
Cal State Dominguez Hills (Carson) 90747
Cal State Long Beach (Long Beach) 90840
Cal State Northridge 91330
Cal Tech (Pasadena) 91125 - 91126
Calabasas 91302/91372
Canoga Park  91303 - 91304
Canyon Country (Santa Clarita) 91351
Carson 90745 - 90746
Carson (CS Univ. Dominguez Hills) 90747
Carson/Long Beach 90810
Castaic 91310 / 91384
Castellemare 90272
Century City  90067
Cerritos 90701
Chatsworth 91311
Cheviot Hills 90064
Chinatown  90012
City Terrace 90063
Civic Center 90012
Claremont 91711
Commerce, 90040
Compton 90220 - 90222
Country Club Park  90019
Covina 91722 - 91724
Crenshaw  90008
Cudahy 90201
Culver City 90230 / 90232
Cypress Park) 90065
Diamond Bar 91765 / 91789
Dominguez Hills, Cal State (Carson) 90747
Downey 90240 - 90242
Downtown Los Angeles  90013 - 90015 / 90017 / 90021 / 90029
Eagle Rock  90041
East Los Angeles 90022
East Los Angeles 90023
East Rancho Dominguez 90221
Echo Park  90026
Edwards AFB 93523
El Monte 91731 - 91732
El Segundo 90245
El Sereno 90032
Elizabeth Lake 93532
Encino91316 / 91436
Federal Bldg (Lawndale) 90261
Firestone Boy Scout Res. 92621
Florence 90001
Gardena 90247 - 90249
Glassell Park  90065
Glendale 91201 - 91208
Glendale (La Crescenta) 91214
Glendale (Tropico) 91204 - 91205
Glendale (Verdugo City) 91046
Glendora 91740 - 91741
Glenoaks (Burbank) 91504
Granada Hills  91344
Griffith Park  90027
Hacienda Heights (La Puente) 91745
Hancock Park (City of LA) 90004 / 90020
Harbor City  90710
Hawaiian Gardens 90716
Hawthorne (Holly Park) 90250
Hermosa Beach 90254
Hi Vista 93535
Hidden Hills 91302
Highland Park  90042
Hollywood  90028 / 90038 / 90068
Huntington Park 90255
Hyde Park  90043
Industry, City of 91744 / 91746 / 91789
Inglewood 90301 - 90303, 90305
Irwindale 91706
Jefferson Park ) 90018
Juniper Hills 93543
Koreatown 90005
La Canada-Flintridge 91011
La Crescenta (Glendale) 91214
La Habra Heights 90631
La Mirada 90638
La Mirada (Biola Univ.) 90639
La Puente 91744/91746
La Puente (Hacienda Heights) 91745
La Puente (Rowland Heights) 91748
La Verne 91750
Ladera Heights 90056
Lake Hughes 93532
Lake Los Angeles 93550 / 93591
Lake View Terrace (City of LA) 91342
Lakewood 90712 - 90713 / 90715
Lancaster 93534 - 93536
Lawndale 90260
Lawndale (Federal Bldg) 90261
LAX Area 90045
Leimert Par 90008
Lennox 90304
Littlerock 93543
Llano 93544
Lomita 90717
Long Beach 90802 - 90808, 90813 - 90815, 90822
Long Beach (Cal State Long Beach) 90840
Long Beach (McDonnell Douglas) 90846
Long Beach (North Long Beach) 90805
Long Beach (World Trade Ctr) 90831 - 90832
AIr Port Worldway 90009
ARCO Towers 90071
Arleta 91331
Atwater Village 90039
Bel Air Estates 90049 / 90077
Beverly Glen 90077 / 90210
Boyle Heights 90033
Brentwood 90049
Cal State Northridge 91330
Canoga Park 91303 / 91304
Century City 90067
Chatsworth 91311
Cheviot Hills 90064
Chinatown 90012
Civic Center 90012
Country Club Park 90019
Crenshaw 90008
Cypress Park 90065
Downtown Los Angeles 90013 - 90015 / 90017 / 90021 / 90029
Eagle Rock 90041
East Los Angeles 90023
Echo Park 90026
El Sereno 90032
Encino 91316 / 91436
Glassell Park 90065
Granada Hills 91344
Griffith Park 90027
Hancock Park 90004 / 90020
Harbor City 90710
Highland Park 90042
Hollywood 90028 / 90038 / 90068
Hyde Park  90043
Jefferson Prk 90018
Los Angeles (Koreatown) 90005
Los Angeles (Ladera Heights) 90056
Lake View Terrace) 91342
(LAX Area) 90045
(Leimert Park) 90008
(Los Feliz) 90027
(Mar Vista) 90066
Mid City) 90019
(Mission Hills) 91345
(Montecito Heights) 90031
(Mount Olympus) 90046
(Mt. Washington) 90065
(North Hills) 91343
North Hollywood) 91601 - 91602 / 91604 - 91607
Northridge) 91324-91325
Pacific Highlands) 90272
Pacific Palisades) 90272
Pacoima) 91331
(Palms) 90034
Panorama City) 91402
(Park La Brea) 90036
(Pico Heights) 90006
Playa del Rey) 90293
(Porter Ranch) 91326
(Rancho Park) 90064
Reseda) 91335
San Pedro) 90731-90732
(Sawtelle) 90022
(Shadow Hills) 91040
Sherman Oaks) 91403 / 91423
(Silverlake) 90026
(South Central) 90001 / 90003 /90007 / 90011 / 90037 / 90047 / 90061 - 90062
(Studio City) 91604
Sun Valley) 91352
(Sunland) 91040
(Sylmar) 91342
(Tarzana) 91356
(Terminal Island) 90731
(Toluca Lake) 91602
(Tujunga) 91042
(USC) 90089
(Valley Village) 91607
Van Nuys) 91401- 91403 / 91405 - 91406 / 91411 / 91423
(Venice) 90291
(Watts) 90002/90059
(West Adams) 90016
(West Beverly) 90048
(West Fairfax) 90035
West Hills) 91307
(West Los Angeles) 90025
(Westchester) 90045
(Westlake) 90057
Westwood) 90024
Wilmington) 90744
(Wilshire Blvd) 90010
(Winnetka) 91306
(Woodland Hills) 91364 / 91367
Los Feliz (City of LA) 90027
Los Nietos 90606
Lynwood 90262
Malibu 90265
Manhattan Beach 90266
Mar Vista (City of LA) 90066
Marina del Rey 90292
Maywood 90270
McDonnell Douglas (Long Beach) 90846
Mid City 90019
Mission Hills A) 91345
Monrovia 91016
Montebello 90640
Montecito Heights  90031
Monterey Hill90032
Monterey Park 91754-91756
Montrose 91020
Mount Olympus  90046
Mount Wilson 91023
Mt. Washington 90065
Newhall (Santa Clarita) 91321
North Hills  91343
North Hollywood91601 - 91602 / 91604 - 91607
North Long Beach (Long Beach) 90805
Northridge  91324 - 91325
Northridge, Cal State Univ.  91330
Norwalk 90650
Oak Park 91301
Pacific Highlands 90272
Pacific Palisades90272
Pacoima  91331
Palmdale 93550 - 93552 / 93591
Palms  90034
Palos Verdes Estates 90274
Panorama City  91402
Paramount 90723
Park La Brea  90036
Pasadena 91101 / 91103 - 91107
Pasadena (Cal Tech) 91125 - 91126
Pearblossom 93553
Phillips Ranch 91766
Pico Heights  90006
Pico Rivera 90660
Playa del Rey  90293
Playa Vista 90094
Pomona 91766-91768
Porter Ranch  91326
Quartz Hill 93536
Rancho Dominguez 90220
Rancho Palos Verdes 90275 / 90717 / 90732
Rancho Park 90064
Redondo Beach 90277 - 90278
Reseda  91335
Rolling Hills 90274
Rolling Hills Estates 90274
Rosemead 91770
Rosewood 90222
Rowland Heights (La Puente) 91748
San Dimas 91773
San Fernando 91340
San Gabriel 91775 - 91776
San Marino 91108
San Pedro (0731 - 90733
Santa Clarita (Canyon Country) 91351
Santa Clarita (Newhall) 91321
Santa Clarita (Valencia) 91354 - 91355
Santa Fe Springs 90670
Santa Monica 90401 - 90405
Saugus, Agua Dulce 91350
Sawtelle 90025
Shadow Hills91040
Sherman Oaks  91403 / 9 1423
Sierra Madre 91024
Signal Hill 90755
South Central (90001 / 90003 / 90007 / 90011 / 90037 / 90047 / 90061 - 90062
South El Monte 91733
South Gate 90280
South Pasadena 91030
South Whittier 90605
Stevenson Ranch 91381
Studio City  91604
Sun Valley 91352
Sunland  91040
Sylmar  91342
Tarzana 91356
Temple City 91780
Terminal Island  90731
Toluca Lake 91602
Topanga 90290
Torrance 90501-90506 / 90277 - 90278
Tropico (Glendale) 91204 - 91205
Tujunga ( 91042
Universal City 91608
USC  90089
VA Hospital (Sawtelle) 90073
Valencia (Santa Clarita) 91354 - 91355
Valinda 91744
Valley Village () 91607
Valyermo 93563
Van Nuys ( 91401 - 91403 / 91405  - 91406 / 91411 / 91423
Venice  90291
Verdugo City (Glendale) 91046
Vernon 90058
View Park 90043
Walnut 91789
Walnut Park 90255
Watts  90002  /90059
West Adams  90016
West Beverly (90048
West Covina 91790-91793
West Fairfax  90035
West Hills 91307
West Hollywood 90069
West Los Angeles  90025
Westchester  90045
Westlake  90057
Westlake Village 91361 - 91362
Westwood  90024
Whittier 90601 - 90605
Whittier (Whittier College) 90608
Whittier College (Whittier) 90608
Willowbrook 90059 / 90222
Wilmington ) 90744
Wilshire Blvd  90010
Windsor Hills 90043
WinnetkaA) 91306
Woodbury Univ. (Burbank) 91510
Woodland Hills 91364 / 91367
World Trade Center (Long Beach) 90831 - 90832

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